Most people have used Aloe Vera

for the occasional sunburn or kitchen mishap

However, it's application goes so much further than that! Along with garlic, honey, and salt, Aloe Vera has a special place in holistic health. In fact, Aloe Vera has been around since the dawn of civilization and is used for a myriad of disorders. People have been consuming and applying this cooling plant for so long, you may take its properties for granted.

The great civilizations of the past were much more appreciative of the powerful benefits of Aloe Vera. In fact, to the Egyptians, it was known as the plant of immortality. Aloe Vera was believed to be spiritually and medically important to daily life. Unearthed scrolls of papyrus documented the benefits of Aloe Vera, according to the Egyptians. The Egyptians even included it in their embalming process to aid in passage to the underworld. This and other ancient civilizations used the plant for everything from skin ailments, to tuberculosis, to protection from evil spirits.

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Well, it may be down to advertising. People are inundated with many products in modern society which promise amazing results. And, each of these products is touting the quality of its ingredients. Manufacturers choose ingredients not only based on effectiveness but also the impression consumers have of them. Some products look exotic or interesting, making them more likely to be sold across the world. Additionally, companies like to sell the idea of specialization. The claim that one plant can do so much for health and beauty is intimidating to companies that want you to buy 20 different products to accomplish what one can do.

Some basic benefits of Aloe Vera include treating a variety of ailments and improving overall health. The Aloe Vera gel is commonly applied to sunburns, but it can also treat nausea, hair loss, and even gingivitis. Most people have tried Aloe on a burn or rash and noticed how the cooling gel relieves pain instantly. Because the Aloe Vera gel treats burns so effectively, it may be hard to imagine everything else it can do. However, the plant has innumerable uses and can be affected by health and beauty applications.


Aloe Vera juice is renowned for weight loss. The juice is made with Aloe Vera gel and tastes surprisingly delicious. Versions of aloe juice for weight loss can be found in major grocers, health food stores and more. These delicious beverages are not only great for stimulating your metabolism, they also hydrate and nourish your body better than water or sports drinks. However, it’s important to check the quality of any Aloe juice before purchasing. Cheap imitations are out there and when it comes to Aloe Vera gel, only the best will do.


Aloe butter and creams are loved as moisturizers to enhance your skin’s natural glow and relieve dry, itchy, cracked or flaky skin. Dermatologists even recommend Aloe Vera moisturizers for dry scalp, eczema, and other skin ailments. The powerful antioxidants, vitamins and cooling power of the gel are central to repairing damaged skin. Doctors even recommend Aloe Vera creams for stretch marks and scars which are difficult to eliminate. The best thing Aloe Vera Gel can do for your skin is repair collagen and stimulate new collagen production, a process which can make your skin look and feel younger.


The effects of the plant on collagen in your skin are why Aloe vera gel for the face is a powerful moisturizer. The gel works to improve skin tone and elasticity while smoothing out wrinkles. Not many natural products can give you even a fraction of the positive results for eliminating wrinkles and shrinking pores that you’ll experience with Aloe Vera gel for your face. Whether you’re young or old, you can take years off your life with a good quality Aloe Vera gel for your face. The best part is that you don’t have to use harsh chemicals or resort to surgery to look beautiful and fresh-faced every day!


It’s no surprise that this ancient plant has been used universally for centuries when you consider the wide range of benefits to Aloe Vera. In fact, the popularity of Aloe Vera through the ages has led to a number of studies into its properties and effects. These studies have shown effectiveness against any number of illnesses and injuries. There has even been research to suggest Aloe Vera be used to treat diabetes and herpes. Thanks to continued research, many benefits of Aloe Vera have been well documented and proven by science.


Because of the advances in science, we can show you not only the benefits and uses of Aloe Vera but also discuss possible side effects. Unlike many advocates of Aloe, we want you to be fully educated and understand all aspects of this ancient plant. For that reason, we have scoured American and foreign medical journals for all the most relevant information on the effects of Aloe Vera. We will be sure to give you in-depth information as the benefits of Aloe Vera, as well as the risks throughout Aloe Vera Help. You can rest assured that any and all possible risks will be disclosed to you for all the Aloe Vera products we may recommend for your use.


We understand that you are looking for how to best help or treat your own health or that of your family. And, at Aloe Vera Help, we want you to be informed and aware of any possible drug or condition interactions, contraindications, risks involved, dosage instructions and what products are best for which ailments. Our goal is to provide factual information, whether positive or negative, to educate you on Aloe Vera and various Aloe Vera products. Unlike many snake oil sellers, we won’t mislead you about the effectiveness or safety of Aloe Vera or any Aloe products we may suggest. You can research and shop with confidence, knowing that your best interest is always in mind.


At Aloe Vera Help, we truly believe in the health and benefits of Aloe Vera. This common and innocuous plant has the power to change lives and help you live healthier and happier. We strongly believe in the importance of transparency and strive to bring you the most informative, honest reviews we can find the benefits of Aloe Vera and its contraindications. Additionally, we will introduce you to the best Aloe Vera gels, juices, extracts and other products for your home and family. Lastly, we will teach you the best recipes for doing it yourself Aloe Vera products that really work!

How Does it Work?

You may wonder what makes Aloe Vera such a remarkable plant. What makes it different from cactus, garlic, antioxidant-rich berries or argan oil? It’s a fair question. When it comes to holistic health, natural remedies and old world solutions, there is any number of plants, extracts, and foods which are known to have positive health results. So, what makes Aloe Vera special?


The sheer number of different conditions and ailments which can be cured or resolved with Aloe Vera is huge. There are literally hundreds of reasons why Aloe Vera should be used by every person in the world. So, what makes up this plant and how is it structurally different from other plants? Aloe Vera is the most biologically active of all the Aloe species. It is amazingly unique in its complexity and healthy components.


For starters, Aloe Vera contains 20 of the 22 necessary Amino Acids needed for healthy people. This includes all eight of the essential Amino Acids. The plant contains minerals, vitamins, saccharides, amino acids, enzymes, lignin, salicylic acids, saponins, and anthraquinones. This complex plant includes a variety of essential components to healthy human systems.


As far as plants go, Aloe Vera has a wide range of healthy components which can benefit the human body. Here is a quick break down of the important components you can get from Aloe Vera and their uses.


  • Vitamins present in Aloe Vera include; A, C, E, B12, Choline and Folic Acid. These important antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your body.
  • There are four fatty acids including; Lupeol, Cholesterol, Campesterol, and Beta-sitosterol. Each of these is anti-inflammatory, helping heal wounds, reduce swelling and more. Lupeol is also antiseptic and analgesic.
  • Aloe Vera has a number of enzymes which help break down sugar and fats and one, Bradykinase, which helps reduce inflammation when applied topically.
  • The minerals Calcium, Copper, Selenium, Chromium, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and Zinc all aid in the processes of various metabolic pathways in the body.
  • Monosaccharides and polysaccharides, sugars, which contain anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties.
  • The hormones Auxin and Gibberellins which heal wounds and provide anti-inflammatory help.
  • Aloin and Emodin, along with 12 laxative compounds known as anthraquinones. These are antibacterials, antivirals, and analgesics.


As you can see, Aloe Vera is uniquely able to reduce swelling, heal wounds, eliminate infection and neutralize free radicals. This plant which was so revered by the ancient civilizations of years past really is amazingly designed to improve human health, reduce pain and illness and more. All of these components combine to provide a myriad of health and beauty benefits to those who are willing to explore the uses of Aloe Vera.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Because Aloe Vera has been used since the beginning of civilization to treat a myriad of health issues, you may think this ancient plant has nothing new to offer. However, modern technology continues to unlock the healing secrets of Aloe Vera gel, extracts and more. There is a myriad of uses from cosmetics to medicinal. Products are continually being developed to harness the power of Aloe Vera. Studies continue to delve into the properties and possibilities held within the Aloe Vera plant.


The wonder of Aloe vera has been experienced by people since the dawn of time. It’s been used as everything from medicine to beauty products to spiritual cleanser. Today, the uses have only grown with the support of science and experience of medical professionals. You may think you know everything Aloe Vera gel can be used for, however, the list is continually growing and changing. Keeping up with all the effective solutions from Aloe Vera gel is an impossible task for any one person. That’s why Aloe Vera Help is committed to bringing all the newest science, products and possibilities to you.


For detailed information about treatments, cures and uses with Aloe Vera, look no further! Aloe Vera Help has all the benefits of Aloe Vera collected in one place for your easy use and selection. You’ll find more in-depth discussions for the various benefits of Aloe Vera on our Aloe Health Benefits page. No more wondering if claims you see online are true or not. We will show you evidence to back up our benefits of Aloe Vera, along with usage directions, doses, and contraindications.


Take the first step to a healthier tomorrow with Aloe Vera gel, extract, and juice. Check out all the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera and see if your life could be transformed by this simple plant. Knowledge is power and you can harness that power for the betterment of your health and happiness. Aloe Vera gel has health, cosmetic and dietary uses so vast you’ll be surprised by all it can do.


Aloe Vera has many uses in cosmetics, from wrinkle prevention and correction to stretch marks. In a world where appearance is often a marker for success, a powerful natural remedy which can work safely for a range of cosmetic issues is thought to be impossible. The majority of cosmetics use chemicals, unnatural preservatives, dyes, and perfumes to achieve the results consumers want.


However, Aloe Vera gel and extracts have been proven time and again to deliver better than chemical laden products. There are creams, lotions, moisturizers, juices and gels which can each provide you with a different beautifying treatment, at a fraction of the cost you might pay for traditional cosmetic treatments and without chemicals and dangerous additives. What more is there to ask for? Beauty, health, and happiness all from one little plant.


Recent studies have verified the use of Aloe Vera gel for face anti-aging treatments. One such study gave participants oral Aloe Vera gel doses and noticed significant improvements in the elasticity and facial wrinkles of subjects. The study confirmed that Aloe Vera gel stimulates collagen production in your body and repairs broken down collagen proteins, at a cellular level. This means that Aloe Vera not only makes new collagen protein, it also helps your existing proteins repair themselves. Since collagen is needed for muscle development and skin elasticity, better collagen means better skin and muscle tone.


Additionally, since the Aloe Vera gel was shown to work at a cellular level to reduce the degradation of collagen in participants’ bodies, it physically stopped visible aging. That means doing something as simple as drinking Aloe Vera gel can greatly reduce the number of wrinkles you’ll develop, improve skin elasticity and keep you looking younger, longer. That’s a lot of age-fighting power for one little plant.


Thanks to this and similar studies, we know that drinking Aloe Vera gel can increase collagen production, leading to a healthier and younger visage. Whether in capsule form or that of Aloe Vera juice, you can take advantage of this research by ingesting Aloe Vera gel. This safe and healthy, all-natural alternative to cosmetic surgery will help you look young and vibrant for years to come! As far as cosmetics go, Aloe Vera may well be the holy grail of beauty secrets. Millions of dollars are spent yearly by people chasing the promise of youth. Now you can stop searching and start looking like you’ve drunk from the fountain of youth.

Stretch Marks

That same collagen enhancing property makes Aloe Vera gel a must have for anyone combating stretch marks. New collagen is imperative to repair stretched and damaged skin after you’ve had a baby or undergone rapid weight loss. Anyone who has ever looked down to see a tapestry of stretch marks knows that it can be daunting to research how to get rid of them. The popular theory is that they will go away on their own. And, while stretch marks may lessen over time, there is no reason not to help them along.


Drinking Aloe Vera gel is a safe and natural way to take back your body from unsightly stretch marks or scars. Remember though, while oral absorption can help your body develop new collagen and repair old stores of the much-needed protein, you need external repair for best results. That means using Aloe Vera gel directly on your scars or stretch marks is still an important step.


*Warning* Do not DRINK Aloe Vera while pregnant or breastfeeding. Stick to topical treatment of stretch marks during pregnancy and lactation.


While oral dosage will help stimulate internal repair, using a moisturizing Aloe Vera product will kickstart the external process. The most important step for reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars is to ensure that your Aloe Vera gel or juice is 100% pure. Don’t let your progress be hindered by cheap imitations and filler ingredients that will impede your results. Using 100% Aloe Vera gel capsules or juice will transform your body, making your skin look younger, tighter and smoother.


Another great use of Aloe Vera gel for your face is acne and redness. Whether your looking to solve hormonal acne or other skin irritation, the gentle moisturizing power of Aloe Vera gel is what you need. Instead of stripping your skin of its natural oils, clean off impurities and improve the PH balance of your face with Aloe Vera. The calming gel will improve the clarity of your skin in no time, compared to chemical cleaners and expensive acne treatments. There is no need to dry out your skin trying to eradicate acne and then spend hundreds of dollars trying to put the moisture back into your skin. Instead, let Aloe Vera gel for your face do it all!

Replacement Beauty Products

Aloe Vera is one product that every household should keep in stock. Whether you moisturize

daily with it, use it to remove blemishes or stretch marks, or keep it in your first aid kit, Aloe Vera

is a multi-use plant which can do so much for beauty and health. This one product can

accomplish so much for your entire family. In fact, it can even replace many chemical-laden beauty products you use daily.


Pure Aloe Vera gel makes a perfect aftershave treatment for men or women. The cooling effects soothe skin following a shave. Additionally, the antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of the Aloe Vera reduce redness and heal knicks and cuts quickly.

Shave Gel

Just like aftershave, shave gel can be pure Aloe Vera gel. The moisturizing gel will help you get a smooth shave and reduce razor burn and cuts. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties will keep germs from causing ingrown hairs and bumps.

Makeup Remover

All you need for a powerful, chemical-free makeup remover is Aloe Vera juice and olive oil. This simple combination will remove everything from foundation to mascara without drying out your skin, causing redness or irritating your eyes. The anti-aging properties will prime your face each night to look younger and more refreshed. Also, the antiseptic benefits of Aloe Vera will help cleanse your pores of germs, leftover makeup and more.


The combination of liquid castile soap and Aloe Vera gel will make an effective shampoo without all the parabens, artificial scents, and chemicals. The benefit of Aloe Vera as shampoo is that it will prevent dandruff, stimulate hair growth, remove excess oils and stimulate healthy collagen for thicker, more manageable hair.

Body and Face Scrub

This simple scrub will remove dead skin, open your pores and even your skin tone naturally. All you need is Aloe Vera gel, sugar and lemon. The 3 part solution can be used on your face or body for a safe, simple and effective way to eliminate dry, uneven skin tone and acne.

Insect Repellent

All you need to do to repel mosquitos and other pesky bugs is rub some Aloe Vera gel on your skin before going outside. This natural one-step method will keep the bugs at bay. If you forget and get bit by mosquitos, pull out the Aloe Vera gel for that, too. You can soothe bug bites with the gel, reducing redness and swelling. Additionally, if you have an allergic reaction the Aloe Vera will help reduce the reaction.


The fact is that Aloe Vera is a tried and true method for beauty and health by millions of people around the world. Science has supported the claims of millions of women, men and health professionals on the benefits of Aloe Vera. Now you too can discover the wide range of ways Aloe Vera can help you live a better life. There is no need to continue looking for the next best wrinkle cream, stretch mark treatment or face moisturizer. The experts have spoken, Aloe Vera is the solution to a myriad of skin and beauty flaws.


Along with having many uses in cosmetics, there are numerous health benefits of Aloe Vera. Doctors have used Aloe Vera to treat various medical conditions since the beginning of time and modern doctors are no different. Everything from eczema to herpes to diabetes can benefit from Aloe Vera gel, juice or extract. Because of the multitude of conditions which can be treated with Aloe Vera extract, any informed person should consider beginning an Aloe Vera regimen for general health. However, if you’re suffering from the following illnesses, Aloe Vera gel is even more important for your health and recovery.


recent study suggested that patients with diabetes could benefit from oral consumption of Aloe Vera. The study showed that patients had a lower blood glucose level while consuming Aloe Vera gel. While further study is needed to determine doses and indications for diabetic patients, the evidence is clear that the plant helps reduce high blood sugar. If you’re suffering from diabetes, adding Aloe Vera gel to your diet may help control your blood glucose level, thereby reducing your dependence on insulin.


Considering that millions of people are insulin dependent, the indications for Aloe Vera in diabetic patients are enormous. The use of Aloe Vera could change the way the world deals with diabetes! While you should consult your doctor before embarking on a new health regimen, Aloe Vera may be the key to a better quality of life for anyone with diabetes. The Aloe Vera gel works by slowing your body’s absorption of sugar, meaning it may work well for all kinds of diabetic patients.

Diabetes-induced Foot Ulcers

One study, published in the International Wound Journal, showed promising results in treating foot ulcers in Diabetic patients with a solution made of Aloe Vera gel. The strong antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera helped to heal ulcers without the use of strong medication or expensive therapies.


While specific studies are lacking to verify the efficacy of prescribing oral Aloe Vera gel for osteoarthritis, many physicians believe that it helps their patients. The evidence suggests that the anti-inflammatory effects of Aloe Vera gel help reduce pain and discomfort in patients. Additionally, the gastrointestinal side effects of long-term Nsaid use can be diminished through regular Aloe Vera consumption.

Protection from UVB Damage

Both baby and adult Aloe Vera have been used to repair the damage to skin caused by overexposure to UVB rays. One study suggested that the younger plants were better at fighting the damage and photoaging caused by UVB rays. However, Aloe Vera of either type is known to help heal and repair sun damage.


Any type of burn can benefit from Aloe Vera. The plants cooling properties immediately relieve pain from sunburns or kitchen accidents. As the Aloe Vera gel works into your skin the analgesic properties help reduce pain even further. And, the healing powers of Aloe Vera gel can help reduce the healing time, discoloration and scarring found with many burns.


Medical professionals even use Aloe Vera gel in second-degree burns. In fact, a recent study showed Aloe Vera gel was more effective for treating severe burns than a 1% Silver Sulfadiazine solution. The patients given Aloe Vera gel healed significantly faster than those given a traditional treatment. The patients also reported less pain with the Aloe Vera gel treatment.


Oral Herpes is an embarrassing and often debilitating disease during outbreaks. However, one study found that Aloe Vera gel was effective against the HSV-1 virus. The study concluded that topical application of Aloe Vera gel to the outbreak area could reduce inflammation and help clear the breakout faster than other known treatments.


For those people suffering from herpes, this means a natural, effective and cost-conscious method to control outbreaks. The simple application of Aloe Vera gel can return life to normal for so many people, faster than prescription drugs and with fewer side effects.

Digestive Issues

Additionally, people suffering from constipation, ulcers, and other digestive issues may find relief by drinking Aloe Vera juice. The juice has been shown to help reduce digestive discomfort and regulate the bowels. The various vitamins and antioxidants in Aloe Vera make it ideal for anyone with stomach issues. The plant can help regulate your bowels, eliminating waste from your colon and improving nutrient absorption. So, next time you find yourself constipated, forgo chemical solutions and try some all natural and safe Aloe Vera juice.


Whether internal or external, Aloe Vera gel can help relieve pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids. For internal piles, drink Aloe Vera juice made with pure gel. And, for external treatment, apply the Aloe Vera gel directly to the affected area. Not only can the plant help reduce pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, it is said to be able to cure the painful affliction.


*Warning* Do not use Aloe Vera Latex for this application. The latex will exacerbate hemorrhoids, making them worse and possibly causing more to form.

Dental Health

recent study published in the Academy of General Dentistry compared Aloe Vera gel with commercial toothpaste. The study measured cleaning, bacteria-fighting, and cavity reduction. The results were greatly in favor of replacing your normal toothpaste with Aloe Vera gel. The all natural option killed cavity-causing bacteria as well as or better than it’s opponents. Additionally, the analgesic power of pure Aloe Vera gel can help reduce tooth pain, sensitivity and gum soreness.


While you might not have the usual foaming minty smile you’re used to, using Aloe Vera gel will result in a whiter and healthier smile. Furthermore, fewer bacteria means better smelling breath, without the need for chemically enhanced mint scent. You can also reduce your chance of gingivitis with this simple toothpaste alternative! How’s that for a healthy toothpaste option?

Weight Loss

Another benefit of Aloe Vera is its use in weight loss. Unlike many fad diets and supplements, Aloe Vera works with your body to create an optimal environment for weight loss. Drinking Aloe Vera juice helps move food through the colon faster, preventing constipation and improving digestion while detoxifying the body. The quicker process helps prevent fat deposits from developing in your body. And, flushing out your colon regularly means fewer toxins leaching into your system. The removal of harmful toxins means you will feel healthier and have more energy.


Additionally, Aloe juice lowers blood sugar by slowing sugar absorption, which can aid in weight loss. Having less sugar sitting around in your system means you won’t be contributing to diabetes or other sugar related disorders. It has also been proven to increase metabolism, thereby reducing your BMI and helping you achieve weight loss goals more easily. A faster metabolism means you don’t have to work as hard to lose weight or keep it off. Imagine losing weight without so much struggle, and keeping it off! It’s all possible with Aloe Vera juice for weight loss.


It’s no wonder why many athletes swear by Aloe Vera gel and juice to improve energy, grow muscle and boost overall performance. Professional and amateur athletes alike can see the value of the various health benefits of Aloe Vera. Things like improved digestion, endurance, and reduction of free radicals are just some of the ways Aloe Vera can improve athletic performance. All the ways Aloe Vera can improve your skin, hair and internal workings combine to boost athlete performance. And, unlike many other supplement options, Aloe Vera isn’t considered cheating in any professional or amateur sport.

Hair Growth

Another health benefit of Aloe Vera, of which you may not have heard, is hair growth. If you’re suffering from a receding hairline, you are probably frustrated at the chemicals present in most hair tonics. However, natural and safe Aloe Vera gel can actually help you reverse hair loss. The idea is that Aloe Vera gel removes impurities and clears the hair follicle for proper growth. Furthermore, the gel improves circulation when applied topically to an area. Better blood circulation to your scalp can transform thinning hair much better than chemical treatments.


Hair loss isn’t the only scalp ailment for which Aloe Vera may hold the secrets. In fact, the Aloe Vera gel is known to improve dandruff and treat redness with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The gel can also reduce oiliness by removing excess sebum and product residue. Additionally, Aloe Vera gel is gentle and all natural which means less risk to your hair. The gel also contains vitamins A, C, E, B12 and folic acid which combine to make the perfect hair mask to improve strength, shine, and texture of your hair follicles.


Still more amazing is Aloe Vera’s ability to balance the PH of your scalp. This important function provides a healthy base for your scalp and hair. From the root to tip, Aloe Vera gel can improve the health, strength, and shine of your hair. There is no other product on the market that can do more for your hair and scalp without the use of harsh potentially harmful chemicals, dyes, and preservatives. Aloe Vera does it all!


Early indications suggest that Aloe Vera may help people battle depression. A study done on mice showed enhanced learning and memory in the subjects along with less incidence of depression. While the idea is a long way from proven, adding Aloe Vera to your routine can combat many common ailments and it may also reduce your risk of depression.


Since drinking Aloe Vera juice is a safe alternative to sugary drinks, it won’t hurt to try. You may just find your mood brighter and your attitude more even.


Adding Aloe Vera gel capsules or juice to your daily routine can help your diet in grand ways. Aloe Vera boosts metabolism and helps regulate digestion which can eliminate constipation, stomach upset and digestive issues. Digesting your food more effectively is the first step to eating healthier. Regardless of what foods you actually eat, digestion issues can keep you from realizing results in weight loss or overall health.


For that reason, Aloe Vera juice is a must for anyone working towards a healthy diet. You can slowly eliminate junk food and realize your dietary goals more easily with Aloe on your side. Consuming Aloe Vera juice also provides you with needed nutrients, antioxidants and regulates blood sugar. All of these are helpful for anyone looking to undertake healthier eating habits, lose weight or improve longevity.


In addition, Aloe Vera juice has been shown to be extremely hydrating and nourishing. Replacing sports drinks or coffee with Aloe juice is a healthy choice which can pay off big in the long run. Boosting your metabolism and regulating your digestion, coupled with deep hydration makes Aloe juice one of the healthiest drinks you can choose.

Side Effects

While Aloe Vera gel, extract, and juice has many helpful uses and is generally safe, there are some warnings to be aware of. It’s important to be fully informed of any possible contraindications or reactions before beginning any new regimen. Additionally, you may want to consult your doctor before taking oral Aloe Vera gel or applying Aloe products to treat medical ailments.


Oral Aloe Latex or Aloin should be used moderately for short-term only. The Aloe latex can cause stomach pain and cramps. With extended use, people may experience blood in the urine, kidney problems, diarrhea, low potassium, weight loss and heart issues.


For pregnant or breastfeeding women, oral Aloe Vera in any form is not recommended. Studies have suggested the possible connection between miscarriage and birth defects. Additionally, children under 12 should not take any oral Aloe Vera product.


Aloe Vera can lower blood sugar levels, diabetics should monitor blood glucose levels carefully when taking Aloe. Additionally, at least two weeks prior to surgery discontinue oral Aloe Vera use to prevent blood sugar issues.


If you’re taking Digoxin or Lanoxin, avoid Aloe Vera latex because it will lower potassium. Low potassium levels can increase the risk of side effects.


Avoid use of Aloe Vera on Staph infections as it may seal in the infection, allowing it to worsen under the surface.


Consult a doctor prior to use of Aloe Vera products if you are taking the following medicines.

  • Diabetes medications
  • Sevoflurane, Ultane
  • Stimulant laxatives
  • Warfarin, Coumadin
  • Diuretic medications, water pills

Aloe Vera Products

Reading about the benefits of Aloe Vera is all well and good. Now you know that you can improve digestion, regrow hair, reduce blood sugar, eliminate stretch marks and look younger with Aloe. What’s next? What products are right for your health and fitness goals? What companies provide the purest Aloe Vera extract? How do you know who to trust? The task of deciding all of this can be daunting. Many people are never sure if the products they choose are really any good, or if they’ve been taken advantage of.


At Aloe Vera Help, we want to guide you to the best and safest products for all your Aloe Vera needs. We know there are endless creams, lotions, masks, gels, juices, extracts and more grappling for your business. And, we understand the decision may be overwhelming. You might wonder how you can possibly choose the right product for your specific needs. The labyrinth of online and in-person product chooses may seem never-ending and impossible to navigate.


Instead of searching through pages of online reviews, weeding through advertisements and sales pitches, head over to our Aloe Vera Products page. We are committed to providing you with the best information and reviews on the latest products. For honest Aloe Vera product information, look no further than Aloe Vera Help Furthermore, we promise to only recommend products that are safe, effective and trustworthy. We eliminate the booby traps, gimmicks, and garbage from your Aloe Vera gel, cream or juice search.


Furthermore, we will eliminate the legwork and the guesswork in finding the best Aloe Vera products available to you from around the world. Allowing us to search for you will save you time and money. No more wasting your hard earned cash on products that don’t deliver what they promise. Avoid products with a low Aloe Vera concentration, loaded with isopropyl alcohol which will dry out your skin or make you sick if ingested. Instead, have peace of mind and know that you will be guided to the best, most effective Aloe Vera products available today.


In the spirit of transparency in which Aloe Vera Help is committed, we will not only tell you what products to buy. We will also tell you why each product is worthwhile, how to use it and let you make an informed choice. Additionally, our helpful rating system and in-depth explanations will empower you to evaluate other Aloe Vera products you may see elsewhere. It’s important to understand your sources, ingredients, and concentrations in any Aloe Vera product you buy.


Don’t be taken advantage of by greedy companies selling you the promise of pure Aloe Vera while delivering fillers and chemicals. Don’t be left in the dark by companies who just want to take your hard-earned cash, selling you a product that doesn’t work. There is nothing worse than thinking you have purchased the best possible Aloe Vera gel, only to find out you’ve gotten saddled with a cheap knock-off.


Be confident that the Aloe Vera products you are purchasing are made with 100% real Aloe Vera gel. Be sure all your lotions, creams and butter are Aloe Vera based, all natural and safe. Don’t settle for subpar materials with harsh chemicals and dangerous additives! Know the difference between real and fake Aloe Vera products. At Aloe Vera Help, we strive to assist you in all your Aloe Vera education, research, and purchasing.

Do It Aloe By Yourself


If you have ever considered making your own Aloe Vera cream or butter with the plant in your backyard or the 100% Aloe Vera gel in your cabinet, this is the place for you. In ourDo It Aloe By Yourself page, we offer the best verified DIY recipes for aloe creams, aloe butter, and aloe moisturizers. It’s never been so easy to make healthy, effective Aloe Vera products in the comfort of your own home.


You will save money by brewing up your own Aloe Vera skin creams and stretch mark erasers! As an added bonus, making your own Aloe products guarantees you safe ingredients with no hidden fillers or guilty conscience about potential worker conditions or ingredient sourcing. With Do It Aloe By Yourself, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with creating proven products in the sanctum of your own home. Making your own Aloe Vera products has never been so fun, easy and foolproof.


Additionally, since the recipes are all tested and guaranteed safe, effective and natural you can be confident in the quality of your efforts. You can even brag to your friends or send stylized tins of gorgeous Aloe Vera to face creams as gifts to loved ones. Whether you’re seeking a unique and useful gift idea for friends and family or making Aloe Vera gel products for home use, these recipes will do the trick.


You can have fun and learn something new while creating effective beauty products. The healthy recipes found on Aloe Vera Help will transform the way you use Aloe in your everyday life. Not only can you save a ton of money versus buying commercially made products. You can also turn our Aloe Vera recipes into fun activities for craft fairs or children.


You or your kids might even find that making your own Aloe Vera products is so fun you can market your products. Imagine selling your own Aloe products at the local farmers market. Spreading effective, healthy products to your neighbors and turning a profit! Well, that doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, you can do it! Making your own Aloe Vera juice for weight loss, skin creams or other products is a fun DIY activity for the whole family.


We provide easy-to-follow instructions for all our recipes. Each step is thoroughly explained for your convenience, whether you are making the recipe yourself or having your kids do it. We also outline all the supplies you’ll need at the very beginning, eliminating wasted time stopping and starting each project. And, while you may need a few specialty items for some recipes, most will be completed with normal equipment and ingredients on hand in most kitchens.


You may be wondering, what kinds of Aloe Vera recipes could you possibly make at home? Well, everything from shave gel and body scrub to collagen enhancing moisturizer and cream cleansers. We have a wide range of cosmetic and medical level recipes waiting for you to try out! Never wonder what’s in your face cream, juice or wound cleanser again!


No need to waste time searching the web for quality Aloe Vera recipes. On Aloe Vera Help we have compiled the best, simplest and healthiest recipes for you. What are you waiting for? Chop up that Aloe Vera plant, open up that Aloe Vera gel jar, and get started. In no time you could have a quality hair regrowth serum, face moisturizer or scar cream. We will help you discover the Aloe Vera product of your dreams, right in your own kitchen.

Plant Handling

If you’re going to embark on the journey to make your own quality Aloe Vera products at home, you may want to get your own plants. Growing Aloe Vera is easy and cheap, versus buying high-quality Aloe Vera gel, extract or latex. Once you’ve got an Aloe Vera plant, you probably are wondering how to extract the gel or latex without killing the plant. The good news is, that anyone can extract Aloe Vera gel from a healthy plant.


You can grow Aloe Vera in pots inside your home, or in your backyard. It’s an easy plant to keep alive and will regenerate after harvest, as long as you follow the instructions below. The ancient plant has been kept and harvested for its medicinal properties for centuries. Now you can join that age-old tradition.


Beginning at the bottom of each plant, cut the leaves with sharp garden shears. Ensure you remove the bottom leaves first, allowing the plant to continue growing and thriving. Next, set the leaves cut side down into a cup or bowl. A yellowish resin will drain for 5 to 10 minutes from each leaf. The yellowish liquid is known as Aloin or Aloe latex, a natural laxative, and skin irritant. While some recipes may call for Aloe latex, use caution with this part of the plant.


Aloe latex can have serious harmful side effects if taken in large doses or for long periods of time. The negative effects can include diarrhea, constipation, kidney problems, blood in the urine, heart complications, muscle weakness and stomach cramping. The FDA warns against use of the latex for laxative purposes as the body will build a tolerance and increased dosages will lead to the aforementioned complications.


To extract the Aloe Vera gel, cut the leaves in half or peel them with a potato peeler and scoop out the gel. You should store this in an airtight container, preferably a mason jar and refrigerate it. You may prefer to blend or food process the gel, to get a smoother consistency. You may also choose to add natural preservatives and extend your Aloe Vera gel shelf life. Try adding vitamin E, citric acid or vitamin C powder to your smoothed gel before sealing in an airtight jar.

All About Aloe

Aloe Vera Help strives to be the foremost resource for everything Aloe related. Whether you’re wanting to learn the long and storied history of this ancient plant, find the best Aloe Vera products or discover DIY projects for the whole family, this is the place for you. Aloe Vera juice, extracts, and gel can change your life, and we are here to help.


Since the beginning of civilization, Aloe Vera has been used to defend against evil spirits, heal wounds, clean infections and cure illness. The Egyptians, Romans, Mesopotamians and more valued the Aloe Vera plant for its healing abilities. Even modern-day physicians will tell you about the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties of this simple looking plant. While the Aloe plant looks innocent and unimpressive to the untrained eye, it is possibly one of the most amazing plants in the world. And, it is undoubtedly the most bioavailable of all the Aloe plants.


Aloe Vera can be used in many forms including gel, extract, juice or latex. The raw form can be ingested or applied topically for a large number of cosmetic and medical uses. You can drink Aloe Vera juice for weight loss. Or use Aloe Vera gel for face wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and more. You might want to cure hemorrhoids, regrow hair or improve your diabetes. Whatever your physical ailment, Aloe Vera probably has a treatment for it.


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Or, you might choose to make your own all-natural Aloe Vera lotions, scrubs or moisturizers. In that case, you will find recipes, instructions and helpful hints on the Do It Aloe By Yourself page. No need to worry about a Pinterest fail, each recipe is tested and proven to deliver. Furthermore, you will be guaranteed a safe and effective final product.


Whatever route you take, Aloe Vera Help is here to assist you in your discovery and use of this wonderful healing and purifying plant. Every step of the way, you can depend on the best resource for the benefits of Aloe Vera on the web. Not only will you find all the good things about this versatile plant, you will also be thoroughly warned of any possible interactions, side effects or risks involved with any products, recipes or usage.


Discovering the wonders of Aloe Vera can be the first step to improving your health, happiness, and wellbeing. Everything from your face, hair and body shape can be influenced by Aloe Vera. Additionally, you can eliminate painful symptoms of various illnesses, cure many ailments and treat unwanted health problems, all with Aloe. It may sound fanciful to say that one little plant can do so much, but it’s true.


Science and history agree Aloe Vera is a miracle plant which can be used for a myriad of health problems. And now, thanks to Aloe Vera Help, you can harness the power of this simple plant to improve the lives of yourself and your family. You can lower blood glucose levels, heal wounds and cuts, reduce inflammation in joints, or eliminate wrinkles. It seems practically any beauty or health issue can be improved through the use of Aloe Vera.


So, what are you waiting for? Dive in! Start learning, absorbing and finding the right combination of Aloe Vera for your needs. There is no time like the present to change your life!