Use Aloe Vera Extract to Create Your Own Aloe-Based Products

Benefits of aloe vera have been studied and used for centuries now. Most people who have suffered a sunburn at the beach know the plant can be used to provide near instant pain relief and help their sunburn heal much faster. What else can it do? 

Aloe vera is a type of cactus that has a gel inside the branches or leaves. This gel is what contains the many components that provide health and wellness benefits to people who use it. Aloe gel can be consumed or used topically, though the extract is only able to be used topically.  

Topical applications provide help for skin irritations, skin health, and more. It helps you keep your body moisturized and can help reduce the signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The extract can be added to a number of different skin care products so you can receive all of the benefits of aloe easily.  

Aloe Extract Versus Aloe Gel 

Aloe gel is 100% aloe vera and is derived from inside the leaves of the plant. To get the gel, you can simply cut the leaf off a mature aloe plant and cut it open to reveal the gel. It’s clear and can be used in many ways to provide a number of benefits. 

The extract, on the other hand, is made from the whole leaf. The leaf is grounded into a fine powder that can then be used in a variety of different products. The extract includes the skin of the leaf as well as aloe vera latex, which is the yellow part between the leaf and the gel.  

Aloe latex is a laxative, so it’s important to avoid consuming the extract. While the gel does have a mild laxative property, the latex and, by extension, the extract, contains a far higher dose of the laxative and could lead to complications like diarrhea or dehydration. 

If you’d prefer to use aloe directly on your skin, you may want to purchase the gel or remove the gel from a plant on your own. However, if you’d like to have pure aloe that is easy to add to products you own or that you want to create, using aloe extra could be easier and could provide you with more benefits.  

Purchasing Aloe Extract 

While aloe extract can be made by grinding the leaf to a fine powder and letting it fully dry, it is hard to create at home. Instead, you’ll want to buy aloe extract. You can purchase the extract online or in some local stores, if available.  

When you purchase aloe extract, be sure to look at the ingredients and choose one that only includes pure aloe vera for an all-natural extract you won’t mind putting in anything you make or the products you’ve bought. You won’t want to buy the extract just to find out it includes additives that might minimize the benefits you could see by using it.  

Using Aloe Extract on Your Own 

Most of the time, you will see aloe extract as an ingredient for products that contain aloe vera. The extract is often used because the fine powder can be easily mixed with many different ingredients to produce skin and hair care products that work well. However, these products may not be all-natural or they might contain chemicals and other additives you won’t want to use. 

If you want to make sure the product you’re using is completely natural, you may want to make it on your own. There are many different recipes for skin and hair care products available today. You can add aloe extract to any of these recipes to get the benefits already provided from the recipe as well as the benefits of aloe.  

Products you may consider making easily at home include sugar scrubs, lotions, shampoo, hair masks, face masks, and more. You can add the extract to any of these recipes and use it topically to have more beautiful skin and hair or to make you look younger and feel healthier.  

You can also try out different ingredients to customize your own skin care products and make sure it only includes the ingredients you want it to include. This could also help you make sure you avoid anything you might be allergic to when you’re looking for a certain type of skin care product.  

Ways to Use Aloe Extract to Make Your Own Products 

Today, many people are choosing to create their own skin and hair care products. Many recipes are incredibly easy to do at home and include ingredients you likely already have around the house. Ingredients are also generally inexpensive, so you can try out any recipe you might want.  

When you create your own products, you’ll want to make sure you use the product quickly. It’s better to make a small amount at one time so you can get as many benefits from the product as you can without worrying about whether it’s still safe to use after it has sat in your bathroom for a long period of time. Some products, like a facial mask, should only be used as needed and you should only make the amount you’ll use in one sitting. The rest should not be saved as it can go bad quickly.  

You may want to try out a variety of recipes to find out what you prefer and what’s going to be a good addition to your skincare routine. You can even test out how well it works with different ingredients if you can’t find a recipe that includes what you prefer or you need to replace an ingredient you’re allergic to. The limit here is really your own imagination. Some of the types of recipes you might want to look for include the following. 

Sugar Scrubs – Sugar scrubs have been around for a while now and for good reason. These scrubs contain sugar, which can help exfoliate your skin without damaging it. Add in a little bit of aloe extract to a basic sugar scrub recipe to create a scrub that not only exfoliates your skin but rehydrates it as well so your skin feels softer.  

Lotions – Many different lotions nowadays use aloe because it can help rejuvenate your skin, help moisturize dry skin, and help your skin look beautiful. If you want to make sure you’re using a lotion that’s as healthy as possible for your skin, look for recipes to learn how to make your own. Add in a little bit of the aloe extract to make it easier for you to get more benefits from your lotion. 

Shampoo – Aloe has been shown to promote hair growth, help hair grow longer, and help hair be much healthier, so why not add it to your shampoo? The aloe extract can be added to a shampoo you already use or you can create your own shampoo using basic ingredients and include aloe as well as any other ingredients you might prefer.  

Hair Masks – Hair masks can be made with many ingredients you might already have around the house and can include aloe for the amazing benefits it offers to your hair. You’ll want to try out a basic hair mask recipe at first and add in aloe extract. Usually, you’ll leave the hair mask on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it out. You may be able to see a difference in how your hair looks and feels almost immediately.  

Facial Masks – Though there are many facial masks you can purchase in stores, creating your own gives you complete control over the ingredients. Plus, they use ingredients you already have at home like banana, avocado, and honey. You can add a little aloe extract to any facial mask when you make it. This can help minimize the signs of aging, moisturize your skin, and help lighten any blemishes.  

Anti-Aging Cream – Anti-aging creams are designed to help encourage your body to create more collagen so your skin is more elastic and your wrinkles and fine lines will start to disappear. If you’d like a simple anti-aging cream that includes natural ingredients and is safe to use every day, try a lotion with aloe extract in it.  

Makeup Primer – Before you put on makeup in the morning, especially if you use certain mineral makeup, you’ll want to make sure you use a primer. You can purchase a primer or make your own with aloe extract. There are quite a few recipes available online for you to make your own. When you include aloe extract, it will help moisturize your skin under the makeup and help prevent an oily buildup or acne.  

Benefits of Aloe Extract 

You’ll be pleased to find out there are almost limitless benefits of aloe. Some of the aloe vera extract benefits include moisturizing your skin, encouraging the production of collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, soothing dry and itchy skin, healing minor irritations and dry skin, protecting your skin, reducing blemishes, encouraging healthy hair growth, helping your hair be healthier and shiner, and more. 

When you’re creating your own products or adding aloe extract to products you already own, you’ll be able to combine aloe with many different all-natural ingredients to create products that can provide amazing benefits to help you look and feel as healthy as possible. From helping you feel younger to making sure your skin is properly moisturized, aloe extract can be used in a number of different products to help you look and feel your best.  

Safety Considerations for Aloe Extract 

Although aloe is used for a lot of different purposes, it is important to be aware of safety concerns. Aloe gel can be used in aloe juices, but aloe leaf extract should never be ingested. The aloe extract contains all parts of the aloe leaf, which can provide many benefits when used topically, but it also includes a high dose of laxatives. Consuming the extract could lead to diarrhea as well as other digestive issues and dehydration.  

Aloe vera should not be used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding as it can lead to serious complications for a pregnant woman such as miscarriage and because the use of aloe for children has not been studied thoroughly to ensure it is safe. You may not want to use aloe for young children as well unless you choose a product that is specifically designed for children to ensure it is safe to use. 

If you are taking any medications or using prescription creams, speak with your doctor before adding aloe vera as it could make some medical creams less effective or might not be safe for you to use. This is usually more of a concern with aloe gel and other aloe products, but still may be a concern for aloe extract. 

Additionally, you will want to watch out for any adverse reactions when using aloe, especially when you use the extract in a product you create. Allergic reactions are rare, but they can occur and aloe use should be stopped if any allergic reactions are noticed.  

Start Using Aloe to Create Your Own Products Today 

If you’re ready to create your own products with aloe, you might want to look into aloe vera extract so you can get the full benefits of aloe in a product you create on your own. This may be easier to use than gel in many ways and can help you ensure the products you create are going to provide the benefits you’re interested in. Purchase products with aloe extract in them or purchase aloe extract itself today to start using it to improve your skin, face, and hair.  

When you create your own products, you can create skincare products you’re going to love to use, ones that don’t include chemicals and other additives, and ones that are going to provide a plethora of benefits for your skin. Give one of the types of recipes listed above a try with aloe extract added in to see how much of a difference it can make.