Check Out Aloe Vera Juice for Amazing Benefits

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be talking about aloe vera juice? Are they really drinking a juice made from aloe vera, a plant typically known for its ability to help with sunburns? Yes. Aloe has many more amazing benefits and can be made into a juice you can easily drink to obtain a variety of health benefits.  

If you’re interested in using aloe vera for the health benefits it provides, you may want to consider an aloe vera juice. This provides more benefits than the gel alone, though you can use the gel to create your own juice. You can also purchase a ready-made juice to drink on-the-go or to use in your own concoction when you’re relaxing at home. 

Increasingly, people are turning to more natural remedies for their ailments to try to limit the chemicals they put into their body so they can be as healthy as possible. If you’re looking for a way to be healthier, try aloe juice to gain a plethora of different benefits while keeping yourself hydrated with a natural drink you’ll love.  

How to Choose an Aloe Juice to Try 

With the increasing popularity of aloe juice, more and more companies are creating their own version to sell. How do you know which one to choose? Is it just a matter of how the juice tastes? 

Taste is a major concern as you won’t drink it if you don’t like it. However, that’s not the only thing to consider when you’re considering aloe juice. Many people love how aloe juice tastes, but if you don’t, you can always mix it with other juices or smoothies for a delicious drink you’ll love so you can still get the benefits from aloe juice.  

You’ll want to make sure you choose a juice that’s made from 100% aloe vera gel. The gel is the aloe that is extracted directly from the plant. You’ll also want to make sure the juice does not include aloe latex, added sugar, or artificial flavors and colors. The less the juice contains, other than the aloe vera gel, the less you have to worry about what you’re drinking.  

Make sure you check out the label for any aloe leaf juice you’re considering to ensure it has a sufficient amount of aloe gel in it and to make sure it doesn’t have any of the other ingredients mentioned above. Once you find an all-natural aloe juice, you can purchase it and give it a try. You can drink it on your own or you can buy aloe juice to use to make smoothies and other drink.  

Create Your Own Juice 

You may choose to purchase your own aloe juice so it’s ready to go when you want to drink it. However, if you want to make sure your aloe juice is completely natural or you want to make sure you can use your aloe juice to create your own drinks at home, you might want to consider creating your own aloe juice. As long as you have an aloe plant or food-grade aloe gel, this is actually easy to do. 

To start taking advantage of the many uses for aloe vera juice, you can simply break off a leaf of the aloe plant or use a little bit of your aloe gel and create your own aloe juice. This lets you find out more about it before purchasing aloe juice online or in a store and it gives you the chance to really see the benefits without spending a lot of money. It also gives you complete control over the ingredients in your aloe juice and any drinks you may make with it.  

To create your own juice, you may want to grow your own aloe plant. Local nurseries will have aloe plants available or you can order it online and have it shipped to your home. If you can purchase an older plant, you’ll be able to start using it right away.  

Make sure you only choose leaves from a mature aloe plant and limit how often you use a leaf so the plant has a chance to grow and thrive. If you enjoy making your own aloe juice and want to do it often, you’ll want to go ahead and purchase a few plants so you’ll have as much as you might need without taking too much from one plant at a time.  

If you’re using your own aloe plant, you’ll want to use a sharp knife to cut off one of the leaves from the plant. Cut open the leaf lengthwise to get to the gel inside of the leaf and use a small spoon or the knife to scoop out as much of the gel as possible. Place this in a small bowl and make sure you remove any yellow latex from the gel before using it. The gel you remove should be completely clear, or as close to completely clear as possible. You will want to use the gel right away. 

No matter if you’re using store-bought or home-extracted gel, the next steps are the same. Put about two tablespoons of gel in a blender with water and blend for at least three minutes. Once done, you can drink the aloe juice as-is or you can add different flavors per your own tastes. 

Benefits and Uses of Aloe Juice 

The main reason to drink aloe juice is the many Benefits of aloe vera you can obtain if you consume it instead of using it topically. Before you start drinking aloe juice, you might want to learn more about these aloe juice uses.  

Aids in Weight Loss – Recent studies have shown that aloe can help you lose weight faster. Of course, you will still want to diet and exercise, but aloe vera can help boost the impact your workouts have. Try aloe juice alone or in a smoothie after a workout to regain your energy and help boost your metabolism.  

Hydrates Your body – Water itself hydrates the body, but a lot of people don’t like drinking plain water. When you create or buy an aloe juice, you can have the hydrating effects of water and you’ll be more likely to drink it. You’ll also get better hydration and more benefits from the aloe juice that you won’t find in plain water.  

Detoxifies Your Body – The laxative effect of aloe is minor, but it does help remove toxins from your body and help you be healthier overall. Try a little bit of aloe juice daily, around two to eight ounces, to detoxify your body and start feeling healthier. 

Treats Digestive Issues – If you suffer from digestive issues like constipation, aloe juice might be a way for you to find relief. The mild laxative effect can help you relieve these issues without having to take a stronger laxative and the aloe juice can help you avoid these issues again. 

Reduces Inflammation – Aloe vera is often used for sunburns and minor skin irritations because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Use aloe juice in the same way to relieve inflammation throughout your body. Drinking aloe juice regularly could help you relieve inflammation now and help keep it from occurring again.  

Helps Fight Viruses and Germs – Aloe has the ability to help fight viruses and germs, which is how it can help your body heal faster if you put the gel on a minor cut on your skin. However, this also works when you consume the aloe. Drinking aloe juice can help support your immune system and help you avoid getting sick. It can also help you feel better faster if you do get sick.  

Aloe Juice Recipes 

If you’re not a fan of plain aloe vera juice or you’d like to make other drinks like smoothies, there are many different options for you to choose. Learning how to use aloe vera juice in other drinks enables you to use it in any drink you may want to make so you can enjoy a refreshing drink after a workout or just while you’re relaxing at home and still get all of the benefits of aloe vera. 

Aloe vera juice can be mixed with a number of different flavors to create unique drinks you’ll love. If you decide to make the aloe juice on your own, try making it with a citrus juice like orange or grapefruit juice instead of adding water to the blender. You can also make the juice on your own and add a little bit of honey to make a sweeter aloe juice. 

Try out recipes for smoothies and make an aloe smoothie if you want to have a nutritious smoothie for breakfast or lunch. Instead of using water in the smoothie, simply use the aloe juice you’ve made or bought. This works great for many different smoothies and gives you all of the benefits of aloe. Try out different variations to find one you’re going to love to drink.  

Is Aloe Vera Juice Safe to Drink? 

Aloe vera is considered safe to drink, but it is important to be careful. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will not want to drink aloe right now. Aloe has been known to cause miscarriages and other serious medical issues during pregnancy and may not be safe for a breastfeeding infant. You should also not give aloe to your children as it has not been studied for their use yet.  

When you try aloe juice, you’ll want to be careful to watch for any allergic reactions. It’s important to make sure you stop using it immediately and seek medical assistance if you have an allergic reaction to the drink. Allergic reactions are rare, but they can occur.  

If you currently take any medications, it’s a good idea for you to speak with a physician before taking aloe juice. The components in aloe vera can negatively impact some medications, so it’s best to make sure it will not interact with any medications you may be taking before you give it a try.  

Aloe vera contains a laxative, so you will want to limit how much you drink to avoid diarrhea and dehydration. The laxative can be beneficial in low amounts, but too much of it can lead to serious medical issues. Research has shown between two and eight ounces is typically fine for most adults. If you do experience any issues because of the laxative, you will want to use a smaller amount to see if that helps. 

When you are making your own for the many aloe vera juice benefits, be careful if you choose to start with the plant instead of a gel. You will want to carefully remove the latex from the gel. This is the yellow part of the leaf and parts of it could come off with the gel when you remove it from the leaf. 

The latex is what has the most laxative effect, so removing as much of it as possible will limit how much you will get from your drink. When you purchase a gel, this should already be removed for you so you don’t have to worry about it. However, if you do decide to create your own gel, it should be easy for you to remove most of the yellow latex as it’s easy to see in the gel.  

Aloe vera provides amazing benefits and you can choose whether you want to purchase aloe juice or grow your own plant to get all these benefits. You can also mix it with other drinks and smoothies to create your own all-natural and highly nutritious drink you’re going to love. No matter if you choose to grow your own plant or you want to go ahead and look into the benefits offered by ready-made products, you can give aloe juice a try to help with your diet and health.